About 4idee.com

4idee = For Idea

Delivering new ideas


From Los Angeles to the world

We are here to deliver the thoughts of the product makers
and to suggest a new lifestyle through your shopping experience.

The 3 concepts of 4idee.com

  1. To have a good product become a long favorite use.
  2. Creating a store, not only by popular trend, but to connect with individual artistic makers.
  3. Providing the excitement of being able to find something good at 4idee.

The reason for reasonable pricing.

In general retailing, there is a middle-man between the customer and the stores. With each middle man taking their margins, naturally the item prices go up.

By having the customers buy directly from the designer brands (shops) , we are able to provide great prices.

Moreover, by 4idee.com having the translation and mediation services, we have taken away the language barrier making it easier to shop.

Lost or damaged shipments/items

All items will be insured at the time of shipping for lost and damage. Buying and selling expensive items is stress free.

Shipping & Handling fees and time to deliver

S&H differs from each shop. Please read section for Item Instructions for details.

Payment method

PAYPAL is the only payment service required to register for your memberships. PAYPAL protects your credit card information from being leaked. The parent company of PAYPAL is the world's biggest auction site "eBay".

It has a strong system to protect both the buyers and sellers from credit card fraud.

PAYPAL handles problems related to your shipments and payments, and also monitors your dealings and transactions on 4idee.com