Terms Of Use

When shops used 4idee.com’s services, they will go by our agreements. Each of our clients (shops and shoppers) will have to agree to terms and conditions accordingly.

At the point of purchase, all customers must read and agree to the below agreements.

We do not allow fraudulent use of credit cards.

We do not allow the use of 4idee.com photos without permission.

For shoppers under the age of 20 must have an adult approve of the purchase before using our services.

4idee.com does not take any responsibility if at any case, the customer brings legal actions about shop item issue(s). The issue must be resolved between the shop and the customers themselves.

We will assume the shops have their own agreement signed with the credit card companies for credit card transactions. If any issue or trouble arises between the credit card company and our customers, we take no part in it.

The issue must be resolved between the two parties.

Complaints will not be taken about item contents, information and image being deleted or edited and is not our responsibility to resolve.

If a member misplaces their password and/or ID name and a third party misuses the account, we take no responsibility or take no part in the claim.

4idee.com client cannot take legal action or ask for refunds for closing their shops for any reason.

If and when part of all the agreements are changed, the changed agreement will be in effect immediately.