In 1938, Erle P. Halliburton, a globetrotting businessman, commissioned a team of aircraft engineers to build him cases that could withstand the rough terrain of the Texas oilfields in the back of his truck. The original aluminum case was born, becoming the very definition of protection and ruggedness in business and travel cases. Every effort has been made ensure that only the finest material, the most advanced techniques, and the most precise crafting are employed to make each and every case. That heritage continues today.

For over 78 years, Zero Halliburton has defined strength, durability and style with our signature aluminum cases. Today, we’ve added the perfect complement to our iconic aluminum cases with the introduction of beautifully designed nylon and polycarbonate cases redefining the meaning of durability and elegance.

Zero Halliburton cases have been used to carry Apollo mission moon rocks, academy award Oscars and skates for US speed skating team. Zero Halliburton products have appeared in many movies and televisions shows over the last decades such as Independence Day, Lost, Men in Black, Ocean’s Eleven, Inception, and Mission Impossible 4.

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